Your Good Energy Day

This is me, “The Good Energy Guy” in Hawaii creating and soaking in some Good Energy.

The Good Energy Guy in Hawaii

The Good Energy Guy in Hawaii

I’m going to be doing something simlar on Seprember 09, 2009 (09/09/09) at 9:09 am.

How will you celebrate Good Energy Day?

At Albany State University in Albany Georgia, the epicenter of Good Energy Day, they will be celecrating with a day of  mastermind sessions, talks of the effects of energy in our lives and why creating Good Energy is so very important to being happy and fufilled.

They will also be laying to groundwork for using social media to spread the word during theses first four years of the Good Energy Movement.

Will you do your part to lite the fire of Good Energy in our world?

There’s no set way to do it. You can do in a group or by yourself. You can do it with friends, family, or complete strangers.

It can be art, music, meditation, poetry, converation, masterminding, hugging your children, it can grand, small, or somwhere in between.

The important part of  09/09/09, Good Energy Day, is that we start shifting our energy, shifting our observations to better, and better ways of life. 

And if each one of us can create more Good Energy in our own lives now matter what that expression might be, the greater our world will become. The time is ripe for new ways of thinking and new courses of action, new ways of creating Good Energy in our world for ourselves and more importantlly for our children and all of those that will follow in the energy we create right now.

Let’s make it Good, let’s make it Great.

Leave accomment below and please share with us how you you celebrate Good Energy Day.

Good Energy Weekend

I had a great weekend. How ’bout you? I hope it was filled with Good Energy and wonderful time with friends and family, or just getting some alone time to recharge if that’s what you needed.

We took the kiddos over to my sister for a sleep over last night and got a much needed “adults” only evening. 😉 WooHoo!

We also celebrated my mom’s birthday today. It was great time with the family.

Last week I send out an email asking you how you create joy and happiness in your life and I got some great responses.

I posted what a couple of Good Energy creators sent in.

Tam from Maine in the USA is creating a children’s book series. As Tam put it, ” It is my goal to literally affect a generation of children through my characters and stories. I want to help children understand the unspoken laws of energy and thought.”

Sweet! Check it out on the GEM site.


And Erkki from Norway is creating music and posting on YouTube and has some very cool daily routines for spreading GE in his world.

Here’s just a few:
*today I’m going to give a gift to everyone i meet
*a smile or a hug will make someone happy, so give one:)
*I post some videos on youtube with my music, which i hope inspires and gives people joy or at least some kind of emotion, cause that too is a gift:)


Very Cool Erkki! You’ll want to check out the rest on the GEM site.

Let the rest of the world know how you create good energy. Send me an email and I’ll post it on the site like Tam and Erkki.

Also, remember to check this out:

Check it out. There are some cool ways to see what happening on Twitter and to see your Good Energy Tweets.

…and the Good Energy Resource Page

I would really love it if you would go a post a comment letting the world know how you create good energy in your life and what it means to you.

Peace, Love, and Good Energy,

Chuck Pennington
PS – Check out Albany State’s website. You want to see some good energy in action…
I really love seeing what going on here. You will to.

PPS- GE – We bring good things to life. :)

The Definition of Good Energy

What does it mean to have Good Energy?

This is so full of Good Energy that I just had to share it with you.

Ben Mack and I have been meeting with the wonderful community of people at Albany State University about 09/09/09 “Good Energy Day” and the official kick off of the Good Energy Movement.

What follows is the definition of Good Energy Day as written Nyota and Cindy over at ASU.  This is so cool. I love the way they phrased it. Check it out.

At Albany State University, we believe in realizing potential.

ASU_RamCroppedWe do this on a daily basis with our students. On Sept. 9, 2009 (09-09-09), we’ll also realize the potential of all humans to care about each another through Good Energy Day.

 So what is “good energy” anyway? Some describe “good energy” as a general joy and generosity toward other people.

Others describe it as a spiritual awareness of the benevolence in all people.

One thing is for certain, all people are connected.

How well we relate to each other and work together determine our “good energy.” The more we’re aware of “good energy,” the more we can promote and encourage it.

At Albany State University, we’re ready to break free from the daily grind and step into a new day.

We want to promote good energy – that force that runs through all of us connecting us to each and to our planet. It’s that love that all people share and express through kindness, generosity and love of our neighbors.

It’s the love we demonstrate through choosing renewable fuel sources, obtaining clean drinking water for all and making sure the earth is a home for generations to come. Good energy is about respect, conservation, innovation, sharing and caring.

Good Energy Day will be the day to celebrate the perseverance and kindness of the human spirit. It will be a time to share smiles and laughs, common interests and dreams at a place where potential is realized daily.

So join with us hand-in-hand as we take a new look at what it means to be human and what it means to have good energy.

Ahhh. Nice.

It’s posted on the GEM website at Check it out.

I updated the site recently with a lot of cool stuff. Go check it out and let me know what you think and what we need to add.

Love and Good Energy to you,

Chuck Pennington

PS – Check out Albany State’s website. You want to see some good energy in action…
I really love seeing what going on here. You will to.

PPS- GE – We bring good things to life. :)

PPPS – Let us know how you create good energy in your life.